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Here you can compare the World clock for Paris side by side with the web cam from the famous Eiffel Tower. Make sure you don't miss the sunrise and sunset:
About World Clockr

Just released: WorldClockr on your iPhone and other smartphones. Please check it out:


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World Clockr is my little Ajax project which gives everybody his own collection of digital world clocks. Each clock is customized to a location and time zone. This way it can show accurate sunrise and sunset times and reflect the current sun position on it's animated background. More...

How is it done?
World Clockr uses Javascript to manage and render the clocks. So everything runs locally on your browser.
Where is the state stored?
WorldClockr stores the state completely in a local cookie. There is no personal data stored on our servers. This way the set of clocks is individual for each computer.
In case you want a collection of clocks (and many more Apple Dashboard widgets) which state is stored on the server so that it can be access from everywhere please try
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Does it use any atom clock timer?
No, the clocks use the local clock of the browser. This way the clock is only as accurate as the clock of your local machine. But you can easily synchronize your local time with an atom clock over the internet.
I like the clocks, can I have one on my homepage?
Sure. Go to our Syndication page and create the code for your clock. Copy that code snippet to your homepage and it should work. I would be pleased to hear about it.
Apple Dashboard Widget?
Yes, actually this project started as a little Dashboard widget. You can download it from here.
If you want to see it running you can test on the Widgetop web desktop.

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What about IE?
WorldClockr runs on IE but there are limitations because even IE7 still doesn't support the CSS opacity property. With IE6 you won't have any fun because it misses support for transparent PNGs.
If you want to have see the clocks perfectly please use a modern browser like Firefox, Safari or Opera.
More questions?
Please send an email to info@worldclockr.com
Tuesday, 12. December 2006